Intezar wo log karte hai jinhe khud pe Bharosa nai hota  Hum to sidha kand karte hai yaaro….


If u don’t appreciate yourself no one will appreciate you.  By Meera vyas


We parted our ways years back……But those old faces still hold a big chunk of space in my heart & they will forever.

Being just the way you are 

I was born stubborn Then the thing called Life happened to me instead of asking  It forced me too be flexible and …………..I denied …………………………… Year’s later I m the  Best version of mee Moral Never let your mindset change due to some irrelevant situations believe in yourself don’t listen to anyone especially the species…


When someone say “I’m happy” they are The people who are actually ignoring the fact that they alone. Because happiness it is felt n seen in ones eyes not by words. Posted from WordPress for Android


Sometimes people who look weak from outside are the ones who are strongest of all from inside. Posted from WordPress for Android


The new pore was not the reason for mutation, The VIRUS called  Ego, Attitude, Competition and the most dangerous of all “Jealously” infected and made mutations in “HOST”. The reason behind the mutations was lack of defence mechanism from the host  side and the fighting T-cell’s like Love,  Loyalty,  Hope  and the most important and…

Break up #1

Million times my head decided to Ignore And get over it , But again I come to the point were I have to ignore your mistakes not You Posted from WordPress for Android

Women power

U don’t need anyone behind u as your support when.. u know u are strong enough to fight alone If she can bear life inside her She can fight alone for the thing’s which belongs to her . Posted from WordPress for Android

Break up

I decided to move on. I decided to give you back your gifts n cards (sorry chocolate’s are already been discarded😂😂) But how can breakup with the memories we share??😢😢😢 Posted from WordPress for Android


Fate changes according to your will , but your will should be strong enough to change your fate. Posted from WordPress for Android


Believe in magic I always get fascinated by the term ‘Fairytale‘ , I m true believer of fairy tales  its the only way to exit from reality n be in the world u wanted. People always advice me  about  watching n reading fairy tales, they say that it is not going to teach u anything…